Entity Formation to Point You in the Right Direction

Entity formation can be a huge concept for any small business. There are numerous decisions to be made and details to be examined. One of those is the decision to either incorporate your business or form a limited liability company (LLC). So pointing your business in the right direction is one of the first steps.
But there’s a huge problem: there’s a blizzard of information, from the media, entertainment sources, and advertisements, out there. They’ll praise the virtues of formal incorporation or other similar entity formation ideas that limits the personal liability of an owner and provides tax advantages. But since every business is different, how do you know if it’s the right choice for you? That’s where we come in.
At Pinnacle Tax Services, we help our clients sift through all of the complicated forms of partnerships, incorporation and LLC’s. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each, and determine which option is best for you. For many start-ups and existing companies, the sole proprietorship or general partnership might be the superior business entity. Whatever the case is for you, we’ll provide you with enough information to allow you to make an informed decision for your business’ entity formation.
Your initial consultation is absolutely free, and it includes a thorough discussion of your options. For most incorporations and LLC’s, we charge a flat rate. More complicated situations require more attorney time, and in these situations an hourly fee is billed. However formation of most types of entities including Corporations, S-Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships have a low fixed fee of $950. Keep in mind that DBA (Doing Business As) Registration and EIN (Employer Identification Number) Registration cost $250.

Our Services Include

  • C Corporation
  • S Corporation
  • Professional Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Limited Partnership
  • General Partnership
  • Joint Venture
  • Non-profit Corporation

Allow for our team of professionals to help you with determining which legal plan is best for you, and from there work with you to form, set up and operate your LLC, incorporation or partnership from there on.